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5 Weight Loss Myths You Really Need To Stop Believing

The following are five myths about weight loss with no scientific basis supporting them.

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Myth #1: It’s possible to lose weight by just drinking more water with no need to give up sugary drinks

Water is definitely essential for life and there are no calories in a glass of water. Most people are almost always dehydrated because they just don’t drink enough of the stuff so everyone can benefit from drinking more water. The fact is that water will only help you lose weight if you set aside the sugary beverages though.

Most good weight loss programs will insist you need to drink at least 64oz of water and that more is always better. There are plenty of health benefits to drinking water. It relieves headaches and lowers the chances of kidney stones. It also improves your skin tone and prevents constipation. The one thing it can’t do though is help you lose weight unless you drink it instead of soda and alcohol.


Myth #2: Eating fruit can undo the damage of an unhealthy diet and cause you to lose weight

This myth is like the myth about just drinking more water to lose weight. If you keep eating an unhealthy diet while just eating a little more fruit then it won’t be enough to help you lose weight. Fruits and vegetables can’t help you if you still eat refined and fast food.

It is still true that fruits and vegetables are packed with fiber though. Fiber helps you feel fuller because they expand as they take in water. If this fullness does stop you from eating foods filled with calories then you could lose some weight. Take out the unhealthy foods and replace them with high fiber low calorie vegetables and the weight will quickly melt away.

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