There are some parts of our body that once had a particular function, but today they are useless. Since they aren’t causing any harm, the nature left them and they are still part of the human body.

Millions of years have passed since the very beginning of the human evolution until today. During this time some parts of our body have became useless, although once they were useful. In this article I will present to you the six body parts that aren’t useful any more.

  1. Tailbone

People don’t need tails because they have the ability to maintain balance perfectly on their own legs. However, most of the mammals have tail at some point of their lives.

Between the 1st and 7th week from the conception, the human embryo looks like it develops a tail in the mother’s womb. But, until the arrival in the world, the tail turns into a part of the spine.

  1. Male Nipples

The development of male and female fetuses in the mother womb is same during the first 60 days, and then the testosterone appears in those with Y chromosome which stimulates the development of male genitals instead of female genitals. In the meantime, during the 60 days the nipples are already formed and they will not disappear. The reason behind this is probably because they aren’t doing any harm in the organism.

  1. Wisdom Tooth

The human jaw has been greatly reduced during the evolution. This results with the problem of wisdom tooth which doesn’t have enough space in the jaw for proper growth. Therefore, we don’t need these teeth to grow in our adulthood.

Also, we aren’t forced to chew solid food, raw meat, roots and vegetables anymore.

The scientists agree that today we must be more careful if want our teeth to last for longer, while our ancestors’ teeth were damaged pretty soon which resulted with four new teeth in adulthood.

  1. Arrector Pili Muscles

There is a tiny muscle beneath every hair root. It is responsible for lifting and lowering the fiber. Our ancestors had more body hair and the shuddering allowed them to look bigger and stronger, but its main purpose was to maintain the warmth of the body.

Today, we can see this in the animals – when in danger it makes them bigger and meaner which helps them to expel the predators.

This helped our ancestors to maintain the warmth in their bodies and survive during the cold winter days.

  1. Third Eye Lid

At the corner of our eye, near the nose is located a small, thin skin which actually shouldn’t be there because it doesn’t have any function.

This tiny skin is named plica semilunaris or third eye lid. This eye lid is also found in birds and reptiles. It is transparent and protects the eye from moisture, and in the same time it allows the animal to look everything around.

  1. Parts of the Ear

Group of muscles that move the ears are unnecessary. Actually, these muscles are necessary for the animals which allow them to hear the sounds around them better, but in humans this doesn’t improves the hearing. But, these muscles were very important for our ancestors.

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