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Diabetes and Cancer

14 Fantastically Healthy Foods For Diabetics


When you think of managing blood sugar, odds are you obsess over everything you can’t have. While it’s certainly important to limit no-no ingredients (like white, refined breads and pastas and fried, fatty, processed foods), it’s just as crucial to pay attention to what you should eat. We suggest you start here. Numerous nutrition and diabetes experts singled out these …

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5 Surprising Symptoms Of Diabetes


Not every case of type 2 diabetes symptoms presents the obvious—unquenchable thirst, nonstop bathroom trips, and numbness in your hands or feet. Look out for these other subtle signs that something may be amiss with your blood sugar: 1. You’ve noticed unpleasant skin changes Dark, velvety patches in the folds of skin, usually on the back of the neck, elbows, …

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This South American Plant Is a Potential Cure for Cancer and Infertility


This exotic plant has been known for making bread and drinks until now, but from now on its main characteristic will be its ability to cure cancer and infertility. Its scientific name is Manihot esculenta, while it is commonly known as cassava, manioc, Brazilian arrowroot, and tapioca. Cassava tubers belong to the spurge family (Euphorbiaceae) of plants and are thought …

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Drink This Simple Homemade Drink to Control Diabetes and Excess Weight


Type 2 diabetes used to be known in the medical world as adult-onset diabetes. Basically, this condition affects the way the cells of your body utilize their main source of energy, sugar. When you have type 2 diabetes, it’s either: Your body does not produce enough insulin — a hormone secreted by the pancreas that regulates the movement of sugar …

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WARNING There’s A New Deadly Disease Worse Than HIV


HPV, or Human Papilloma Virus, is predicted to be the cause for the strongest new epidemic disease, even deadlier than AIDS, for it is believed to be able to claim numerous lives. Human papilloma virus is the name for a group of viruses that affect your skin and the moist membranes lining your body, for example, in your cervix, anus, …

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Chicken and Vegetable Potpie Recipe for Diabetics

Chicken and Vegetable Potpie

It’s very important for diabetics to be very careful with the things they put in front of them at the dining table. Yes, it can be challenging at times to plan meals but, fortunately, the internet is teeming with so many scrumptious recipes perfect for individuals with diabetes. Some of the healthiest dishes on the planet are the ones intended …

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Woman Cured her Cancer with Carrots


A cancer diagnosis can come as a devastating blow. In the blink of an eye, this health problem can turn your whole life upside down as you consider treatment prospects and wonder about the impact the disease may have on your quality and length of life That is what happened to Ann Cameron, author of a line of children’s books …

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Daily cola ‘raises cancer risk’ due to caramel coloring


Matching laboratory tests conducted by Consumer Reports on 11 different soft drinks, first reported last year, with an analysis of average consumption by Americans, the researchers found that one can a day could be enough to expose them to potentially cancer-causing levels of the chemical known as 4-MEI (short for 4-methylimidazole). The potential carcinogen is formed during the manufacture of …

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Breath Easy and Avoid Cancer – The Ultimate Guide to Improve Lung Health


VOC If you have ever discussed or read about indoor air quality you are probably no stranger to the term VOC.  VOCs can be found in almost any cleaning product. The “V” in VOC stands for volatile, which means that these chemicals have a low boiling point and can go into a gaseous state at a low temperature. The “O” …

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15 Reasons Why Sweet Potatoes Are Perfect For Diabetic Patients


Sweet potatoes come from the same order like regular potatoes, but they belong to different family and species. You can call it a unique type of potato that comes in various different colors, resembles yams and has superb nutritional values. The most common sweet potato is the one with yellow-orange or white/cream flesh. The sweetness of the sweet potato comes …

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