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Healthy French Fries Recipe – Easy to Make Baked Fries

olive oil French fries, yes, oven-baked

Potatoes are a delicious and nutritious food that have unnecessarily got a bad reputation. French fries are probably one of the most common cravings when it comes to “cheat meal” food, but if you cook them the right way, they’re a great healthy option for satisfying a craving and they taste far better than anything you’ll find fried up in …

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After Hospitalization, Men More Likely to Show Up in ER


They also had more readmissions within a month than women, study found. Men are much more likely than women to require urgent hospital care within a month of being discharged from the hospital, a new study finds. Researchers followed 367 men and 370 women for 30 days after they were discharged from the Boston Medical Center to determine if gender …

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Diapers for Adults: Should You Fix or Hide Incontinence?


Am I the only one who’s offended every time I see a commercial for adult diapers that not only normalizes grown-ups’ wearing them, but also makes it seem like the height of fashion? Of course, I’m glad that the taboo topic of incontinence is getting out in the open. But the approach for this common (but not normal and certainly …

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Feel Controlled by Your Hunger? New Study May Show Why


Have you ever felt like you would do just about anything to satisfy a hunger craving? A new study in mice may help to explain why hunger can feel like such a powerful motivating force. In the study, researchers found that hunger outweighed other physical drives, including fear, thirst and social needs. To determine which feeling won out, the researchers …

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Why We Get Thirsty at Bedtime


The urge to guzzle water right before bedtime might be due to the workings of the brain’s inner clock, a new study conducted in mice suggests. “Although this study was performed in rodents, it points toward an explanation as to why we often experience thirstand ingest liquids such as water or milk before bedtime,” study co-author Charles Bourque, a professor …

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Nitro coffee is the in thing in the market right now and it is because of the cool element that boosts its popularity; nitrogen. Nitrogen is a chemical element that is transparent, diatomic and odorless and when added together with coffee, it gives you a foamy caffeinated drink that is famously now known as the “NITRO COFFEE”. Within just a couple …

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5 Proven Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee


Your daily coffee habit is helping you stay healthy, lowering your risks for developing several debilitating and potentially deadly diseases. Coffee is packed with biologically active compounds like polyphenols that help prevent the development of certain diseases. Here are five confirmed health benefits of regularly drinking coffee.  1. Lowers Your Risk for Diabetes The caffeine found in coffee has been …

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Meditation 101


Do you know what one of the most common practices is in the daily lives of the most successful people? Meditation. Yes, a habit invented in Buddhism has crossed the boundary of religion over time and entered into our stressful life to make it better. People like Bill Ford, Oprah Winfrey or Russell Simmons have referred meditation as the source …

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Yoga for the Mind, Body, and Soul


The Beneficial Elements of Yoga There are many beneficial health elements that can be derived from the practice of yoga. Whether you are seeking instant satisfaction or a long-term transformation, in the realm of fitness both aspects are important for an overall healthy lifestyle. Many people will find the practice of yoga offers immediate gratification, however long-term results become evident …

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5 Tips for Converting to a Vegan Lifestyle


Changing your lifestyle to improve your health can be a difficult task, but using simple tipss can keep you on a vegan diet.  Even if you have tried before and failed, there is still hope of achieving a vegan lifestyle.  Give it another shot with these tips, and you are sure to succeed! 1. Find a reason to be vegan …

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