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Eliminate The Ovarian and Kidney Cysts With Dr. Otto Warburg’s Magical Potion!

Juice made of Green Spelt (old type of wheat)

This potion has been savior for many people, helping them to strengthen the immune system after the treatment of the most severe diseases.

What is the secret of this potion?

The healing green juice of spelt leaves doesn’t contain any chemical additives, preservatives, artificial colors or sweeteners. “The secret of this drink is in spelt’s healing substances, especially the chlorophyll which enriches the blood with oxygen and prevents the multiplication of cancer cells. Dr. Otto Warburg managed to distinguish these substances and understand their effect on tumors, for which he was awarded with Nobel Prize in 1931.

The miraculous spelt juice contains more than 300 enzymes, including the rare ones that are found in the human organism after birth. Most of these enzymes cannot survive in the liver due to stress, unhealthy diet and toxic environment. By consuming this potion, these enzymes are once again synthesized in our liver and help us to strengthen our immune system and the organism in general. Spelt is rich in vitamin B17 which destroys the cancer cells. This drink must be drank while it is fresh if the patient wants to receive all the health benefits.

You can freeze it and consume one or several ice cubes in combination with a glass of water. The value of this drink reduces within one hour after it is melted. By consuming the green juice for one month the patient will feel far better.

The green Spelt juice was firstly made by Dr. Ann Wigmore who was suffering from colon cancer. She won the fight against this awful disease almost half a century ago. She lived for over 90 years and wrote numerous books about healthy lifestyle and the fight against cancer with raw food and this amazing wheat.


The preparation of this juice is very east and everyone can prepare it at home.

Use young green Spelt leaves and put them in your juicer. Make ice cubes from the resulting juice.

You should have 72 cubes and consume one cube per day.

Melting Down the Ovarian and Kidney Cysts

Put one cube of this juice in a glass of water and wait for it until it is completely melted before drinking the mixture.

The wheat contains numerous important vitamins, minerals and nutrients which means that it is beneficial for your overall health.

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