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Its Amazing !!!! Freezing yoghurt for use in baking

Q: Can yoghurt be frozen to use in baking or sauces just for the taste — or does it separate and curdle?

A: Chef, nutritionist and food writer Bronwen King responds:

To answer this question I did my own personal study. I froze two different unsweetened plain yoghurts — a higher-fat Greek-style (5.5% fat) and a low-fat yoghurt variety (0.6% fat). The high-fat yoghurt kept its texture and consistency after defrosting (the higher fat content helps but there may also have been stabilisers present which may also help ), while the low-fat yoghurt separated into curds and whey. So yes, yoghurt can be frozen then reused. The texture of yoghurt usually changes after freezing, with higher-fat varieties more likely to maintain their texture, but if you don’t mind a more curdled texture, defrosted yoghurt is perfectly safe to use.

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