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Natural Remedy For Better Hearing

Natural Remedy for Better Hearing  

Honey and cinnamon 

Make a mixture of equal amounts of cinnamon and honey and use it twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. You will notice significant improving of your hearing.

Red wine and green teaEar-Infection-Cotton-Ball-Duct-Tape-e1363725775596

Red wine, as well as green tea can provide you many benefits such as:

  • improve heart function
  • good mood
  • improve immune system
  • prevent baldness

Red wine contains antioxidants that protect the hairs in the inner hair responsible for protecting the ear from external influences.

Drops of garlic

Garlic has very applications when it comes to preventing and treating many diseases and is very used in Sicily.  We offer you a natural remedy for a better hearing that includes:

  • Smash  some cloves of garlic in olive oil
  • press the cloves of garlic to release the juice of it
  • Strain it through gauze.
  • Apply few drops of olive oil into your ear and then close with a cotton.

Juice, red onion and garlic

  • 30ml of garlic juice
  • 30 ml of red onion juice.

The dosage of this drink is 1 cup per day.

source : homehealthyrecipes.com

4-folk-remedies-for-better-hearing Ear-Infection-Cotton-Ball-Duct-Tape-e1363725775596


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