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Replace The Pills With a Smile!

1. People express their emotions trough laughter and crying which can be healing to their body. People find something funny in different situations, but in some, they can find something sad.

2. Many muscles are activated when we are laughing. Beside the face muscles, the body activates the stomach muscles and the chest muscles as well. Furthermore, laughter can act as an exercise.

3. When we are laughing, the human brain releases pain-relieving hormones, therefore laughter is considered to replace pills.


4. With laughter, the blood pressure rises and this process doesn’t harm the heart, but it acts as a massage to it.

5. If you want to strengthen you immunity, just have a good laugh. The body of a healthy person produces less harmful hormones.

6. To hold your tears in is same as to poison yourself. Some diseases such as stomach ulcer, hypertension, heart diseases or kidney diseases can be a result of holding in your tears.


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