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Tomato: An All-Natural Beautifying Agent


So many dishes with tomato in them can be attention-grabbing. But did you know that tomato can also make a lot of heads turn towards your direction? Loaded with health-giving nutrients, consuming and applying tomato topically is perfect for women who refuse to undergo the knife and use all sorts of products with harsh ingredients just to look beautiful. If …

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Spoon Massage Incredible Effects Only In 12 Days!


As people get old, you probably noticed that you start to have wrinkles on your face and dark circles and swollen eye bags. These are normal signs of aging, because as we grow old the skin elasticity starts to decline and the subcutaneous tissue becomes more expressed. If you want to keep the beauty and youthful appearance of your skin, …

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9 Common Habits That Wreck Your Manicure


After you have put some bright colors to your nails, you are too excited to show off your newly-painted nails by posting it on your Instagram or Facebook account, not realizing that you have not dry them enough, causing them to chip, smudge or smear. We list down some of the common pitfalls that mess up your manicure. The next …

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15 Uses Of Vaseline You Didn’t Know


You hear the name ‘Vaseline’ and may think it only has a few uses, but this will make you miss out on one of the cheapest beauty remedies out there! Below, you’ll find 19 unusual uses for Vaseline, and why this 140+ year-old product needs to become part of your daily routine. From keeping your cuticles and elbows from drying …

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